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Journal Entry

Voucher No. / Date & Document No. / Date :

  • Give here voucher number and date. Vou.No. field is enable only if voucher no. is required for selected voucher type.
  • You can set auto generated voucher no. series using voucher Series
  • Document No. date can be given if its are required form voucher setup.

Journal Middle Entry Box :

  • Press ENTER to start entry.
  • Select Credit / Debit, Account Name and give amount.
  • You can give cheque no, date in case of bank vouchers.
  • After giving amount, Narration can be given if Entry wise narration required.
  • If the selected party account contains bill to bill balance method, then it will ask for bill to bill adjustment.
  • Any number of entries can be entered until credit & debit total must be same.
  • Entry can be deleted by pressing Delete Key.
  • Press TAB to exit from Journal Middle Entry.

Remark :

  • Give remark here. you can get saved narration list by pressing CTRL+F1.
  • Press CTRL+F2 if you want to set previous voucher's narration.

After giving all information, press OK to save the voucher. Press Print to save and print voucher. If online voucher printing is required, then it will ask for voucher printing after save. When voucher is saved, cursor will move to voucher type selection. You may continue voucher entry and exit by press ESCAPE.